Since 1994 Claims Resource Services (CRS) is a complete subrogation solution for all Insurance Carriers and Self-Insureds.  Headquartered in Campbell, California, we have a dedicated team of experts with experience in subrogation and claims file management throughout the United States.  Our team is divided into specialized units in order to capitalize on their knowledge and strengths within the subrogation niche—Uninsured Motorist Group, Insurance Group and Arbitration Team.   

Although there are four separate units within CRS, all of the specialists are familiar with the jobs, responsibilities and functions of the other units.  This allows subrogation claims to flow seamlessly from one unit to another based on the information we receive and acquire.  Our highly qualified people, specialized investigative tools, constantly evolving technology and superior management allow us to provide a service to our clients second to none, and a recovery significantly higher than any of our competitors. 

Specializing in insurance claims allows us to satisfy our client's expectations for excellence in customer service and communication.